Prompt: What am I willing to explore more about myself?

Prompt: What am I willing to explore more about myself?

Aug 2, 2022·

4 min read

I'll be honest with you: this is a hard one to answer. Maybe it's not that hard to answer if I think of it in my head but when I write it down, it feels... weird. But let's see... willing to explore about myself. I know this will strike off as odd to people who know me but I will explore health.

"Why health? I thought you were pretty health conscious already!" I can hear a part of me already saying that. But actually, my ventures into a 'healthy life' so far have been due to extrinsic motivations. What does that mean? I think my point will come across better if I illustrate it with an example.

Picture this: you're scrolling through Twitter and see people selling their artwork for money on the internet. You also see NFTs selling for outrageous prices and you promise yourself that you will publish your artwork on the internet and if it gets a good response, you will also try to sell it. For the first week, you go through Youtube videos, Skillshare courses, LinkedIn Learning courses, what not. You go ahead and buy a Wacom tablet too so you can paint using a digital pen. You have your first 2 or 3 artworks ready so you publish them on Twitter and get a good response. Then, you decide to post the NFT on Opensea. Unfortunately, you don't receive any offers in the next 2 weeks and so you decide to give up on digital art. A tragic and unfortunate ending.

Now imagine this: one day you go to a friend's house and see them painting. You are mesmerised by the art and ask them if you could try it too. They gladly let you and you fall in love with painting. You come back home and buy a canvas & some paints for yourself too. You don't paint everyday but at least 2-3 times a week you make sure to take time out to paint. You do it because it has this calming and relieving effect on you and, even if the artwork isn't top tier quality, you absolutely love what you are doing. Happy ending.

It's not a perfect example but I think you can understand my point: the tragic ending was a result of extrinsic motivation: you did something because there was an external factor that motivated you to do it. But when that factor disappears, you lose your will to continue. On the other hand, in the happily ending story you could continue painting for much longer and even for the rest of your life! This is because it was a case of intrinsic motivation. This type of motivation usually lasts much, much longer.

So coming back: it usually happened that whatever I did for health was due to an extrinsic motivation. Most of the times it was my dad who propelled me to go ahead and make attempts to be healthier. Now, however, I aim to make it intrinsic. After reading Stolen Focus (I can't stop raving about that book, can I? I want to write a review someday but I am afriad I won't do it justice), I want to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Something based on the idea of Minimalism perhaps. I mean, I've admired minimalism for a while now: I try to keep my desk as clean as possible, my desktop has no icons, I usually have much lesser tabs open, I keep files on my laptop cleanly organized in folders, among others. In fact, I am writing this right now in a very minimal writer (MarkText) right now! But as you can probably notice, most of this was applicable to my digital life. In my actual life, I didn't have much (or maybe any) minimalism at all. Now, I hope to change this. I already try to be minimal when it comes to purchasing new things and it feels good. It feels great to have less. I mean after all, less is more isn't it? So that's something I am willing to explore m more about myself: health